Stop racisme stop geweld

An initiative of studens from SLAC SLAC: Mira Berghs, Nima Nilian, Hilde Verhoogen, Saye Sohrabi, Tineke Vrindts, Fille Zenebergh

With the support of Katrien Bosman – Atelier Live Model

The volcano, mightier than ever, thanks to all those who strive for gender equality. A new preacher announces the volcano as the savior of mankind. Thanks to the support of everyone who opposes racism, violence, gender inequality, etc., we see the phallus grow stronger and stronger. The louder we scream in the darkness, the further away is the light. The new messiah brings salvation!

The Vulcano

The Volcano is a work by Hilde Verhoogen. She was inspired by Jackson Pollok’s “Amsterdammertje – Winchester Cathedral”. It is a playful evocation of a phallus, printed in 3D, colored via dripping technique and symbolizing the strength of all people who strive for gender equality. Hilde likes to give works of art that appeal to her a stubborn hue.


To support the performance, Hilde has printed 100 magnet copies to scale. Each copy is uniquely finished and is sold for the benefit of Buurtwerk ‘t Lampeke vzw. The price is 20 euros. For this you will receive an original work that will certainly find a place in your interior. For information about the organization Buurtwerk ‘t Larnpeke, we refer to their website: